CanAm Applicator Heads

Easily and effectively, time after time.

CanAm's corner roller accurately align and embed joint tape or paper, metal or plastic corner trim.

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Four Wheel Inside Corner Roller LE
This patented, lightweight roller uses 4 non-skid, soft-grip wheels to embed paper tape easier than ever before.


Four Wheel Inside Corner Roller
A great tool. Embeds and smoothes paper tape into an angle and forms a sharp precise corner for consistent superior results, corner after corner.


Standard Outside Corner Roller
An indispensable roller tool to simplify the application of standard ΒΎ" 90Β° tape. On corner beads self-aligning rollers help to prevent wrinkling and blistering to achieve best results.


Bullnose Outside Corner Roller
Makes easy and short work of applying bullnose tape on corner beads for a smooth, secure and superior finish.

Two Wheel Inside Corner Roller

Two Wheel Inside Corner Roller
This simple but effective roller tool easily and quickly embeds and aligns paper tape into angles for great results every time.