Ready, Set, Roll & Go.

Key Benefits

  • This unique tool design combines an inside corner roller with the standard corner flusher.
  • The wheel sets the tape into the corner, and the blade tabs trowel and feather in one pass.

Technical Features

  • Allows embedding and flushing at once
  • Trowel, feathering and rolling action
  • Top quality stainless steel blade
  • Durable, efficient design

B700 - 2.5" Standard

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  • B700 1.png
  • B700 3.png
  • B700 2.png
  • B700 4.png

B800 - 3.0" Standard

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  • B800 1.png
  • B800 3.png
  • B800 2.png
  • B800 4.png