CanAm Applicator Heads

Save time and materials!

CanAm Applicator heads provide even and accurate dispensing of compound. Use with a genuine CanAm Applicator Tube.

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CanAm's reputation speaks for itself!

Inside Corner Applicator Head
This little tool spreads just the right amount of mud into an angle for outstanding results.


Four Wheel 1β€œ Corner Applicator
Four wheel inside corner applicator for less strain on the upper body.


Inside Corner Applicator Head Offset 135Β°
Ideal for 135Β° offset angles, spreads evenly on both sides. Makes the job go faster and easier.


Outside Corner Applicator Head
Makes it easy to apply joint compound for corner beads quickly with outstanding results. Helps to prevent blistering, saves time and effort.


Flat Applicator Head
A really fast and easy way to fill butts and horizontal joints.