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Accu-Just Flusher

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Accu-Just Flusher

Accu-Just Flusher

Can-Am Tool Corp. continues to provide the industry with innovation and improvement of drywall flushers. Most flushers are only designed to handle 90° inside corners, leaving the vast majority of odd angles to be finished by hand, one side at a time.

The new Accu-Just is the only patented flusher in the world that will finish all inside corner angles between 72° and 135°.

Able to adjust to any angle in its range in seconds, this flusher will save you time and energy.

Accu-Just FlusherSmoothly spreading joint compound on both sides of the angle in one pass, this flusher produces an even, feathered finish. This ensures that each coat goes on without needing excessive sanding.


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The P300 - Hard Tool Case is foam-lined and lockable to keep your tools protected.  The case can be bought separately or as part of our new P400 - Semi-Automatic Professional Tool Set. This set includes:

A300 - Compound Applicator Tube - 42" 

For all your filling, coating and finishing needs for flats, corners and angles.

B100 - Standard Corner Flusher - 2.5"

B200 - Standard Corner Flusher - 3"

Our original classic Corner Flushers are world-renowned for a perfect finish every time.  The Corner Flusher lets you wipe and feather both sides of the angle simply and easily leaving you with a perfect coat everytime.

E100 - Applicator Head - Inside Corner 1"

This spreads just the right amount of mud into an angle for outstanding results.

G200 - Applicator Head - Flat 3"

A fast and easy way to fill butts and horizontal joints.

J201 - Head Assembly - 4 Wheel Inside Corner Roller

Embeds and smooths paper tape into an angle and forms a sharp, precise corner.

D400 - Extendable Flusher handle - 3'6" - 6'

D500 - Extendable Roller/Sander Handle - 3'6" - 6'

These lightweight, aluminum handles enable you to reach high walls and ceilings without the need for scaffolds, benches and stilts.  Twist and lock.


Whether you are starting out or are an experienced taper, you will find the  Semi-Automatic Professional Tool Set with the Hard Tool Case invaluable in your work.  It will make your tools easily accessible and transportable.  With this Tool Set you have everything you need to get started with flats, ceiling joints, inside and outside corners plus the added reach for high walls and ceilings.


For more information, download our brochure.

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4 Wheel 1″ Corner Applicators – New!

Now Available — our Corner Applicators reduce strain on the upper body with it’s 4 wheel design. As always, it provides clean and fast mud application for the taping professional.

E300 E300 E300

Corner Rollers with Extendable Handles!

Introducing four new SKUs — J500, J600, K500, and K600. Our two and four wheel Inside Corner Rollers as well as our Standard and Bullnose Outside Corner Rollers are now available with extendable handles!

J500/J600/K500/K600 J500/J600 K500/K600

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Featured Product – Basic Tool Kit

Getting started with CanAm tools? This kit has everything you need to get started with flats, ceiling joints, inside and outside corners. The carry bag has soft sides and a hard bottom that makes carrying a breeze. Check it out in more detail.

Builders Choice Online Store

Good news for Canadians! Builders Choice Products is one of our dealers based out of Saskatchewan. They have an online store that sells in Canadian Dollars — Check them out online or call them toll free 1-800-667-7894.

Buy CanAm Products Online

Looking to purchase CanAm tools online? West Tech Tools, one of our dealers in British Columbia, Canada has an online store offering exactly that, in US dollars. Check out or call them toll free 1-800-821-5386.

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