Open Founded in 1973, CanAm Tool has built success on a clear and consistent promise to provide drywall finishers with top quality taping and finishing tools that are easy to use, at affordable prices. Our innovative tools make drywall jobs easier and more profitable.
Plus CanAm Tool keeps drywall taping and finishing simple and productive, which makes CanAm tools one of the highest valued brands in the industry today.
Network Our dealer network is strong and continually growing. We are currently established throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Our dedicated team is available to provide support to our dealer network by offering strategies on how to generate more sales by distributing the CanAm Tool brand.

Drywall tools made in Canada

Our drywall and taping tools are made and manufactured in Canada, and are dependable and durable. CanAm Tool is based out of Alberta.

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